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Why Allyours ?

  1. Hassle free dealing
  2. Combined shipping
  3. Higher chances to buy diamonds at your price or may be cheaper than your expectation.
  4. Single payment remittance to avoid bank charges.
Its Simple
To make your buying experience still simpler, we have come up with new feature that’s “submit your demand”. Registered members can submit their demands with us and we will find , check , negotiate and ship you the stones.

Conflict Free Diamonds
Conflict diamonds or “blood diamonds” are stones produced in areas controlled by rebel forces that are opposed to internationally recognized governments. These diamonds are often produced through forced labour of men, woman and children. Money earned from these diamonds are used for illegal activities. Therefore the UN and other groups are working to block entry of such diamonds into worldwide diamond trade. This approach has developed a government certification procedure known as “Kimberly Process”. Allyours takes utmost care that diamonds are sourced from legal source.

Other Initiatives
Allyours jewels is an another initiative of Allyours. Committed to be “India’s first customized diamond jeweller” it offers its customer’s an awe-inspiring collection of diamonds and jewellery that suits their budget. Allyours assures supreme craftsmanship and much more to all its Happy customers.

How to Buy
Its extremely simple and secure to buy on Allyours. It all happens in three easy steps.


As soon as you confirm your order, we will check & confirm the availability of the product. The Loose stone will reach you in 6 working days after your payment is received.

All payments to Allyours can be made through a wire transfer, cash, D.D or Cheaque.

"Allyours" presents diamonds in various shapes to reflect your different moods. Heart, Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear & Cushion. You name it and we have it. We ensure supreme craftsmanship and care while working on all shapes, so as to offer you delightful designs.
To know more about Shape & Size.

The weight of the diamond in measured in Carat. The bigger the diamond, the heavier the weight and higher the Carat. It is very rare to find large diamonds during the mining process, hence bigger & heavier diamond that is diamonds with higher Carat, demand bigger price.

Probably, the most defining characteristic of the diamond is its cut. The nature may have given a great size, shape and clarity, but it will all seem dull with a wrong cut. At "Allyours", we ensure that our craftsmen work with unceasing passion and concentration to get that heavenly cut every time. (what about every CUT description).
To know more about Facets of Diamond, GIA Grading Systems

The more transparent the diamond, the more premium it is. The colours / shades in a diamond are due to inclusions or scratches; but then, even imperfection has its own charm. The following table will give you a detailed idea of the diamond’s clarity.

Feather Inclusion Black Inclusion Spreaded Inclusion Cloud Inclusion

The diamond works artistically to create a light spectrum when you look through it. The colour-grade of the diamond brings alive the mystic beauty of these rocks. Colour-gradation chart below will help you to understand diamond-colour in detail.

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